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Lightening caricaturist

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  • Caricatures take 3 to 4 minutes
  • Generates lots of fun and interest
  • Acts as a great ice breaker
  • Talks and entertains people as he draws
  • A unique memento for your guests to take home and cherish forever
  • Talking point for days, weeks, months, years to come
  • Drawings are framed and proudly put on office and living room walls
  • Used for party invites weddings thank-you cards, Christmas cards etc
  • Can be printed onto a range of merchandise, business cards, mugs, t-shirts etc


FirstGroup picture
Once again you have delivered us a wonderful picture in which all the characteristics and personalities of the subjects have been amusingly and colourfully exploited. Our Chief Executive loved it and none of them could take their eyes off it. What made it especially brilliant is that you have never met any of these people and worked from a photograph and some words from me. I'm looking forward to our next assignment!

Leon, 17th May 2010

Cartoon Commissions
Sorry it's taken a while to formally reply. Do you know what?? It was such a brilliant night!! The pictures were laughed at and looked at over and over. I was told it was the best inspired present I could have given him! The picture of Dermod was amazing..it looked exactly like him and he loved it. Everyone laughed because they know what he is like and having all that around him in the pic was hilarious!!! I cannot thank you enough for doing it and have told everyone that they should come to you!!!! If I need anything like this in the future then I will, without hesitation, call you. Thanks so much and take care. Sincere Thanks

Rachel x 17th Sept 2009

A big thanks for doing the picture for me of My sister and her husband. it want down a storm. They were both very happy the picture and all our friends and family commented on how good it was especially the cat. It now has pride of place in their living room.
Once again thanks very much.

Ellie, 27 Aug 2009

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